10 Germiest Surfaces You Should Be Cleaning

10 Germiest Surfaces You Should Be Cleaning

Germs are certainly at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment. And while you may be more attentive to washing your hands and wiping down door handles there still may be some places you’re missing. We’ve collected the dirtiest places in your daily routine that may be harboring more germs than you realize. 


Kitchen sink: Lots of things go down your kitchen drain. Especially if you have a garbage disposal. Wipe down the faucet and handles and clean with disposal with Arm & Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaner.


Sponges: Along with the sink a sponge can harbor lots of germs. Germs love moist environments. Make sure you store your sponge in a place where it can dry out completely.


Pet bowls: Just like you wash your dishes after every meal, your pet bowls should be cleaned often and thoroughly.


Bathroom handles: Everyone uses the restroom. So you may want to increase the frequency of cleanings. Also, don’t forget to wipe down cabinet handles and door knobs using Essentials™ Disinfecting Wipes.


Coffee maker: This is another sneaky moist environment for germs to thrive. Wash out the water containment weekly and wipe out the coffee or tea gunk from the pod insert area. Also remove the drip tray and wipe that out thoroughly.


Keys: Car keys, house keys, office keys. These get tossed around everywhere. Make a habit of at least wiping them down when you get home.


Phone: Let’s be honest. We’re on our mobile devices all day long. If you keep the Essentials™ Disinfecting Wipes close at hand you can be wiping down your phone after almost every use.


TV remote: Another device that sees a lot of action. All those nooks and crannies between the buttons can hold lots of grit and grime. Wipe down after every use.


Steering wheels: When out and about running errands we replace ourselves constantly getting in and out of our car and dragging transferring lots of germs. Keep disinfecting wipes handy to use after each drive.


Keyboard and mouse: Fingers flying across your keyboard can track lots of germs into those little crevices. Make sure to spray or wipe down your desk space at least once a day.