How To Prep a Salad

How To Prep a Salad

Each new year reinvigorates everyone to save money and eat healthier. And if you weren’t able to eat healthy through the holidays then no worries because a new year means new beginnings. One quick way to save money and eat right is to pack lunches. Salads are a staple for a healthy grab-and-go lunch and a great way to introduce more greens into your diet. However, if the thought of prepping salads sounds exhausting fear not, we have a few quick steps to help make the process as painless as possible. 


The first step is to have a plan. A detailed grocery list helps make sure you won’t be missing anything when you’re finally ready to assemble your salads. Double-check to make sure your produce is fresh and don’t forget the dressing! After all the groceries are home, if you are not prepping right away, make sure you store your produce properly.


The most important step is to prep your ingredients, especially your greens. The majority of salads are built on greens and they play a vital role in the meal. With the rash of recent lettuce recalls, many are taking extra steps to ensure their leafy greens are nice and clean. To clean and prep your produce we recommend Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash. This handy spray works better than water to remove pesticides, wax and soil. It is even Safer Choice Certified!


After all the work of shopping and produce prepping, it is now time to pack your salads. However, there is nothing worse than a soggy salad for lunch. So, the trick to avoid mushy lettuce is to layer your ingredients. Place the wet ingredients toward the bottom of your container (jars work best for this) such as the salad dressing and any fruits. Then pack on the dryer ingredients, think nuts, cheeses, crunchy bits. And lastly the lettuce and other greens on top. This nifty trick keeps the greens from soaking up the dressing too soon.

With a little prep and planning, salads are a great option to eat healthy and save money.