Introducing Arm & Hammer Cleaning Wipes

Introducing Arm & Hammer Cleaning Wipes

Arm & Hammer has launched a brand new cleaning product that is now flying off store shelves. Introducing new Arm & Hammer Essentials™ Cleaning Wipes.

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These powerfully pure cleaning wipes were inspired by nature and clean without harsh chemicals.  The wipes come in two original scents: Renewing Rain™ is a refreshing, crisp smell and Lemon Orchard™ has beautiful hints of citrus.

These wipes are even compostable!

They are packed in a unique container that is easier to store and stack, has a Snap-close lid and it’s easy to start since the first wipe is pre-fed and ready to use.

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Extremely easy to use in rooms all around your home including, bathrooms, kitchens* and pet areas. They even work well for car interiors, gyms and classrooms.

So if you are looking for a pure and simple cleaning product replace out where to purchase Arm & Hammer™ Essentials™ Cleaning Wipes here.

*for surfaces that come in contact with food a water rinse is required.