Sneaky Vegetables

Sneaky Vegetables

Do you love all the nutrients from vegetables but hate the taste? Well a great way to sneak more veggies into your diet is with a fruit smoothie! It’s a quick and easy way to make a tasty drink packed full of healthy ingredients. The natural sweetness from fruits can easily disguise the taste of most vegetables. We’ve got a few ways to mix and match your fruits and veggies into a delicious treat.

The first step is to make sure all your fresh produce is clean. You can wash them with Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash to eliminate pesticides, wax and dirt. Once clean, a great tip for hiding the taste of vegetables is to replace fruits that compliment them. A few pairings we like to use are:

Spinach and blueberries

Kale and pineapple

Carrot and apple

The next step is to add a protein base such as yogurt or almond milk, and for even more of a boost, you can add flax or chia seeds. Need a little more balance? Sweetness can be added with honey or agave. If you prefer your smoothies thicker, bananas or nut butters create a satisfying, creamy texture. Another advantage of a smoothie is that, unlike juices, it contains the whole fruit and provides fiber. And, if you can’t use up all those fruits & veggies fast enough you can freeze them and throw them in the blender when you’re ready. So pack those vegetables in and get started on those super smoothies. Cheers!