Days are Longer, Weather is Warmer, and Spring Produce is Here

Days are Longer, Weather is Warmer, and Spring Produce is Here

At long last, spring has arrived. It’s time to crawl out of your winter cave and soak up some sun. It also means a new cast of fruits and vegetables are in season. They’ve come to throw some green on the drab winter canvas, and this year you can take care of the dirt and pesticide residue they bring with them with Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash.

Here’s a Top 5 List of Spring Fruits and Vegetables:

Green asparagus sticks isolated on white background.Asparagus: Sure, this side dish staple can be as easy as tossing on the grill before taking its place next to a steak or fish fillet, but there’s a lot more this springtime staple can do. Sliced thin and added to your favorite salad or tossed into a pesto dish, this micronutrient-packed wonder will glam things up.




Cross section of fresh avocadoAvocado: Avocado toast is the culinary mascot of an entire generation, and when it’s in season, you can’t beat it. Add slices to a salad, top your favorite sandwich, or make a killer guacamole for taco Tuesday.




Citrus lime fruit isolated on white background cutoutLimes: Speaking of guacamole, you’re going to need some fresh limes to keep those avocados green and your dip tasting fresh. Cocktails, dressings, and desserts; this crafty citrus fruit can do just about anything.




Fresh broccoli isolated on white backgroundBroccoli: Steam it, sauté it, or stir fry it! Broccoli is as healthy as it is versatile. Try roasting with some olive oil and garlic for an amazing side dish that matches just about any main course.




whole and half cut uncooked Brussel sprouts on white backgroundBrussels Sprouts: Even though winter is in the rear view mirror, cold weather favorite brussels sprouts still have some in-season time left. The mushy, boiled sprouts of children’s nightmares are long gone. Roasted in the oven or blackened in a frying pan, the days of replaceing them stashed under the dog bed are history.