Frequently Asked Questions

Fruit and Vegetable Wash

Water alone is not enough to remove Pesticides, Wax and Soil. Our pure and simple formula with the cleaning power of baking soda eliminates pesticides 4x better than water alone* and doesn’t leave behind a taste or odor.

Our product has been independently tested and proven to clean 4x better than water alone and to remove over 90% of pesticide residue*.

You can also see the difference before and after you wash your produce!

Ingredients What it does:
1. Purified Water Dissolves formula for spraying
2. Baking Soda Helps remove pesticides
3. Salt Boosts cleaning

4. Plant-based Cleaning Agent #1

5. Plant-based Cleaning Agent #2

  • Serves as a cleaning agent
  • Enables solution to spread across produce
  • Enables removal of pesticides and wax
6. Lemon Oil Removes wax
7. Preservative Ensures shelf life of product

* Commonly-used pesticide thiabendazole when used as directed.

Picture of Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash bottle

Garbage Disposal Cleaner

A&H Garbage Disposal Cleaner cleans and deodorizes your disposal with the power of baking soda, leaving behind a fresh citrus scent.

We recommend to use twice a week or as needed to clean and deodorize your garbage disposal.

You only need one capsule to enjoy a citrus clean and fresh garbage disposal.

If you follow the instructions, A&H Garbage Disposal Cleaner won’t clog a drain. The combination of the disposal action and the hot water breaks up the capsule to clean the disposal and release a fresh citrus scent.

Run your garbage disposal prior to using the product to ensure it is free of food. Try again, using a thinner stream of hot water with the disposal running at the same time.

Yes, when used as directed, this product will not harm the bacteria within the system or prevent future growth.

No, you should not use it in sinks without a garbage disposal. The combination of the hot water and the disposal action is required to break up the capsule and release the product.

No, A&H Garbage Disposal Cleaner will not clear a clogged or slow running drain.