Show Your Fruits and Veggies Some Love

Show Your Fruits and Veggies Some Love

In today’s germaphobic, hermetically sealed world, the way we treat our fruits and veggies is a hilarious irony. Think about your last trip around the produce section, and see if this rings a bell. A distracted mom rushes to bag a few apples while her toddler gets a snot covered hand on at least a dozen Red Delicious. The health conscious young professional is giving all the bell peppers a firm squeeze to make sure that salad is Instagram worthy. An employee looks proudly at a meticulously placed display of tomatoes just as the one holding it all together is removed sending the whole lot to the floor.

I haven’t even mentioned pesticides and wax coatings.

What do we do when we arrive home with our fresh haul of healthy eating? A quick rinse and right on to plates or into lunch boxes. Can you name any other food that you’d consider safe to eat after a splash of water? I can’t.

No worries. Here comes Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash. Even if your garden bounty has escaped human contact, Fruit & Vegetable wash gets rid of pesticides, wax, and soil 4x better than water alone. It’s free of harsh chemicals, odor-free, tasteless, and vegan-friendly.

Now those fruits and veggies will sparkle on social media. #nofilter #sinfiltro #fresh #allnatural